George provided a top notch program with accommodations for our skill level. Consummately professional, efficient and thorough training with terrific equipment and facilities. George is an excellent, supportive and effective instructor. We will be back for more.

Karen and Arnie

My husband and I took the NRA Basic Pistol course with George and it was great. We learned a lot and now feel very comfortable safely handling our firearm. We are also more comfortable shooting at the range. George was very patient and knowledgeable. He’s a great instructor!

Victoria and Eduardo

I highly recommend Handgun 101 – Fundamentals of Handgun Safety, Operation, and Shooting to any woman who is considering purchasing a firearm.  George Clendenin and his team of highly proficient professional instructors are thorough, conscientious, and respectful of women who are at entry level.  This class is in-depth addressing all the fundamental aspects of firearm safety, maintenance, and proper shooting range etiquette. AND students are allowed to fire several different models of handguns.  I entered the 101 course with minimal confidence; after this course I feel confident to move onto LTC/CCH certification and look forward to George’s Hand Gun 201 – Shooter Development class.  This class is heads and shoulders above any other basic safety class in town.  The entire team of instructors are highly knowledgeable and their genuinely helpful attitude is greatly appreciated.

Lady Aggie '00

If you are a novice just getting into shooting or have had training in the past and want to update your skills, the Handgun 101 course offered by Shoot Safe BCS is the way to go. George Clendenin is a Top Gun (yes, the pun is intended) instructor. He brought my skills up to date and his manner of instruction will make you a smarter, more confident, and safer shooter.

A. E. Roberts, STS1 (SS) USN

George from Shoot Safe BCS provided my daughter and I with a strong foundation on how to use a hand gun effectively and safely. We had fun taking lessons from George and when we went to the shooting range with George we had a blast! My daughter and I never shot a gun before and his lessons definitely worked because we were both surprised that we shot so well at the range!

Paul Kowalenko, Hamburg NJ

What started out as an extra credit project in personal growth quickly became a family affair.  I have always believed that a family that participates in activities as a whole makes the family stronger. The same was true in the quest for our concealed handgun license.  As a mom of two daughters, I am forever concerned with their safety and their ability to defend themselves if the need arise.  As we see more and more issues revolving around gun control, I had a strong desire for myself and both girls to be properly educated in gun safety.  Shoot Safe BCS under the instruction of George Clendenin and his Handgun 101 class did exactly that.  When we left that class, I felt we were ready to move forward to the next step to getting our Texas LTC (License to Carry).

As a parent, I highly recommend George’s ability to help even the most seasoned gun handler become better.  I feel that myself, my husband, my girls plus a boyfriend are much more so ready to become handgun owners.

Rhonda F.

I took George’s CHL class as an educational tool to further my knowledge of handguns and the regulations imperative to any responsible gun owner. What I learned in his class has made me a more confident gun owner with a heightened sense of awareness. I highly suggest this course, regardless of how long you have been handling firearms. The laws change everyday and it’s our responsibility to be in the know.


George is an incredibly personable instructor. He provides a friendly and encouraging atmosphere in which to learn and you can bet he knows what he’s doing! I knew little to nothing about guns going into his Handgun 101 course and came out comfortable with proper handgun safety, sight alignment, shooting positions, and discharging a weapon.




Perfect Practice makes…….a perfect harvest!
In the summer of 2014 Audrey attended the Hunter Education Safety Course sponsored by Burdett and Son Outdoor Adventure. She then attended a Shoot Safe BCS safety course and also learned how to shoot a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR). Before leaving to a San Angelo hunting trip, Audrey zeroed in her Rock River 6.8 SPC on the range. That very weekend in San Angelo she harvested this nice 10-point buck at 100 yards in December 2014. One shot – one kill. Great Job Audrey!