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I wanted to shoot you a quick email letting you know how much we appreciated your class.  As a group of retired Marines we felt that your ability and expertise in the subject of shooting was on point.  Everyone was impressed with your extensive knowledge base and how you ensured that safety was paramount at all times.  Considering that there was over 120 years of Marine Corps experience sitting in your class room these comments shouldn’t be taken lightly.  We all appreciate you taking your own time to accommodate us with short notice and we would highly recommend your class to anyone looking to better their understanding of handling a weapon.  If there ever comes a time that you need anything, please let us know.  Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)

GySgt Steven M. Cheatham (Ret.), Cadet Training Officer, Corps of Cadets
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Mission Statement:

INTEGRITY Training Center, LLC will provide relevant and professional firearm education and training to the community, with a mission to develop in students the principles of safety, mindset, armed defense and marksmanship development.

Who we are:

INTEGRITY TC in College Station, Texas is a service company offering education and training to the community. Integrity TC specializes in armed defense training and marksmanship development, for organizations and individuals. We are Texas State certified to teach Texas School Safety (Active Shooter) and Texas License to Carry. Our clients have been schools, churches, businesses, organizations, small groups, families, and individuals, civilians, and professionals.

INTEGRITY TC offers small classes and quality firearm instruction for all skill levels. We have trained students from diverse cultures, backgrounds, ages and occupations. We often teach classes to adults who have never fired a handgun or rifle before. The INTEGRITY TC method of training delivers success.

Class Structure:

Our firearm classes are kept small by design, often under 12 students, to enhance the learning experience and maximize safety. Instructor to Student ratios are also premium, often with one Instructor per three students in our beginning classes. Personal one-on-one coaching is also offered to develop and improve marksmanship skills and meet individual goals.

Larger groups are welcome, and will be staffed with an appropriate number of professional instructors and assistants. Please call for pricing and discounts for larger groups.

Core Values:

We believe that gun safety should be taught starting at the earliest age and applies to everyone, whether you have firearms in your house or not. All of our classes start with a review of gun safety and are practiced throughout the class. Our goal is to not only offer shooting lessons, but all the responsibilities that accompany it.

There are no shortcuts around true fundamentals of marksmanship. It is the root of all shooting disciplines. Although the fundamentals slightly differ between handgun and rifle shooting, they both share a form of aiming, breathing, correct stance and positioning, trigger control, and follow-through. Whether your goal is hunting, recreational, competition, self-defense, military or law enforcement, or ninja warrior, your journey starts, grows and is sustained with marksmanship fundamentals.

Highly trained persons are highly responsible persons. We believe a person defaults to their level of training when firearm skills are needed or demanded in a situation. We believe perfect practice aids in skill development, not just practice. We learn good habits (or bad) through repetition and muscle memory. We believe a training plan is essential on how you will improve your shooting skills.

Marksmanship development is an art and science. A person’s mental state and attitude is a prime factor in shooting. Proper training develops neural pathways and creates a function or task that can be repeated with great skill and consistency. Confidence is created with proper mindset and repeated successes. Marksmanship in shooting is also a perishable skill if not exercised regularly.

Culture is defined as the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. Culture is learned and shared within social groups and is transmitted by social interaction. America has a strong history with firearms use. From our nation’s independence to our roots as an agrarian society, the firearm has always been part of our culture. We were taught by our fathers and mothers who were taught by theirs.

Perhaps for the first time in our history we have a generation of Americans who cannot teach their children how to shoot because no one has taught them. The good news is that some in this generation realize the importance of this skill and seek help. INTEGRITY TC is here to stand in this gap.

Personal protection involves the techniques, strategies, and mindset to avoid a confrontation first and foremost. When confrontation is unavoidable, then it is the techniques, strategies, and mindset to stop the threat and survive and win the encounter. We take defensive training very seriously. Our adjunct Instructors for our defensive classes are combat veterans from US Marines and US Special Operations.