INTEGRITY Firearm Training Center, LLC will provide quality and relevant firearm instruction to the community, with an emphasis on firearm safety, marksmanship training, and discipline development, to prepare and train the current and next generation for responsible gun ownership, operation, and enjoyment.

We are a full-service firearm education and training center. We offer professionally taught beginner to advanced level firearm classes, personal protection classes, tactical AR-15, NRA certified courses, and Texas License to Carry (LTC) classes. We often teach people who have never handled or shot a firearm previously. Our staff are seasoned instructors and many have served our country as combat veterans. We offer professionally written curriculum and our teaching methods are proven.

Our firearm classes are small by design, often under 10 students, to enhance the learning experience and to maximize safety. License To Carry (LTC) classes are mostly under 20 students. Personal one-on-one coaching is also offered to develop and improve marksmanship skills and meet individual goals.

Larger groups are welcome, and will be staffed with an appropriate number of professional instructors and assistants. Please call for pricing and discounts for larger groups.

We have access to both private and public ranges, depending on the group size, and the class offered. We can also come to your business or facility to offer the class in your own atmosphere, at which point only the range session would be remote.

We believe that gun safety should be taught starting at the earliest age and applies to everyone, whether you have firearms in your house or not. All of our classes start with a review of gun safety which is practiced throughout the class. Our goal is to not only offer shooting lessons, but all the responsibilities that accompany it.

There are no shortcuts around true fundamentals of marksmanship. It is the root of all shooting disciplines. Although the fundamentals slightly differ between handgun and rifle shooting, they both share a form of aiming, breathing, correct stance and positioning, trigger control, and follow-through. Whether your goal is hunting, recreation, competition, self-defense, military or law enforcement, or ninja warrior, your journey starts, grows, and is sustained with marksmanship fundamentals.

An appreciation of marksmanship fundamentals can be a rewarding experience to both young and old alike. In fact, after learning marksmanship fundamentals through rifle competition in high school, I discovered that those same principles applied to archery and other target sports as well as physical conditioning and athletics. An example of this is how correct breathing applies to each of these sports.

Highly trained people are highly responsible people. We believe a person defaults to their level of training when firearm skills are needed or demanded in a situation. We believe perfect practice aids in skill development, not just practice. We learn good habits (or bad) through repetition and muscle memory. Do you have a training plan on how you will improve your shooting skills? Do you regularly practice dry firing techniques? Are you progressing from shooting a paper target to shooting while moving, behind cover, and with accelerated shots? Do you use a timer to train? Do you have good concentration and mental preparedness? Whether you have never fired a firearm before or you are looking to build your skills, we have something for you.

Personal responsibility and maturity are different for each person based on their background, personality and experiences. We have classes for all ages, however students under 18 need to have an adult present. My indoctrination to firearms, like so many Americans, started with a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. After I successfully demonstrated responsibility with this firearm, I progressed up to a bolt action .22 rifle. A .22 is an excellent caliber to start with because it eliminates the 2 greatest challenges to new shooters: 1. a big loud bang, and 2. scary recoil. .22 calibers are still an effective training caliber for both youth and adult alike. Besides, ammo is cheap and they are just plain fun to shoot.

A person must be a minimum 21 years old in order to be eligible for a Texas LTC  (18 for active duty military). You also must be 21 to purchase a handgun from a FFL in Texas. We often train entire families. I recommend those persons 18 years and older to start their education and training now in safe handgun operation and marksmanship by taking the Handgun 101. These individuals will be better prepared when they turn 21 and are ready to seek their Texas License to Carry. There is no minimum age to take our rifle or long gun classes, however students under 18 need a parent or legal guardian present.

Culture is defined as the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. Culture is learned and shared within social groups and is transmitted by social interaction. America has a strong history with firearms use. From our nation’s independence to our roots as an agrarian society, the firearm has always been part of our culture. We were taught by our fathers and mothers who were taught by theirs.

Perhaps for the first time in our history we have a generation of Americans who cannot teach their children how to shoot because no one has taught them. The good news is that some in this generation realize the importance of this skill and seek help. INTEGRITY FTC is here to stand in this gap. We have taught entire families including the parents with their children, and we have fun while doing it.

When people hear the term ‘personal defense’ or ‘personal protection’ some may think of martial arts or immediately of armed defense (Chuck Norris is still boss). However, personal protection actually goes much further. It involves the techniques, strategies, and mindset to avoid a confrontation first and foremost. When confrontation is unavoidable, then it is the techniques, strategies, and mindset to stop the threat and survive the encounter. INTEGRITY FTC now offers armed defense classes including Defensive Pistol Essentials, NRA Defensive Pistol, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home.