​​Defensive Shotgun:

Course Goal: To provide the student a solid foundation in the tactical deployment of a shotgun for personal or home defense.

Course Length: 6 Hours

Course Description: This course is designed to teach intermediate operation of the tactical shotgun with an emphasis on personal defense. The defensive ‘essentials’ taught in this class include movement, shooting behind cover, reloading, multiple target engagements, and more. We also cover shot patterns and effective ranges of various shotgun loads. Learn the patterning of your specific shotgun with your ammo. If you are looking for your first defensive shotgun class that gets you off the bench and into the action, then this is your class.

Physical Requirements: Medium-strenuous physical activity. This is a mentally and physically demanding class. Shooters must be in good physical condition and capable of running short sprints and getting into various shooting positions efficiently.

Prerequisites: Must be 19 years of age minimum. (under 18 if accompanied by an adult).

We provide: Restroom on site. We will have bottled water available throughout the day. We will have extra sets of eye and ear pro if needed.

Bring with you: A good attitude, your defensive/ tactical shotgun (pump or semi), 200 rounds of bird shot (#7 or #8), plus 25 rounds of 00 Buckshot, plus 10 slugs (= 235 ish total rounds. Shotgun must have a buttstock, no shockwave or non-shoulderable weapons. Shooter must have a way to carry rounds on themselves for reloading, either dump pouch or shotgun placards. Bring with you anything you may need to function on a range for an extended period, i.e. water, snacks, sun block.