​​Church Security Training:

Course Goal: To provide armed training to church security staff and volunteers for the protection of worship and church operations.

Course Description: This monthly training will focus on marksmanship, weapon handling, and fire and maneuver through the lens of stopping an Active Threat in a public venue. It is specifically designed for church security, school security, and small business security.

Physical Requirements: Medium-strenuous physical activity. This is a mentally and physically demanding class. Shooters must be in good physical condition and capable of running short sprints and getting into various shooting positions efficiently.

Prerequisites: Must be 19 years of age minimum. (under 18 if accompanied by an adult). Church security member must identify his place of worship that he represents at time of class registration.

We provide: Restroom on site. We will have bottled water available throughout the day. We will have extra sets of eye and ear pro if needed.

Bring with you: A good attitude. Your defensive concealed carry firearm (semi-automatic G19 or similar preferred). 300 rounds of target ammunition. Minimum 4 pistol magazines (6+ preferred to save time for reloading). Dress like normally would in public (train you like fight). Bring with you anything you may need to function on a range for an extended period, i.e. water, snacks, sun block.

Note: Church organizations are encouraged to contact us directly for comprehensive training package planning and discounts.